Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to make Data DVD

Click on Make Data DVD in Nero StartSmart.
Click the Add button in the Disc Content window.
Browse for the files you want to use and highlight them before you click the Add button.

Click the Close button after all files have been added to the compilation.

Click the Next button to continue.
Select the final burn settings.
(1) Current recorder

Select the recorder you want to use.

(2) Insert a Disc name.

(3) Select the Writing speed.

(4) Allow files to be added later

Creates a multisession disc.

Further data can be added to the disc later. The disc will not be finalized.

Refer to the Nero Express manual for further details about how to create multisession discs.

FYI: Multisessions discs might not be readable for some MP3 players!

(5) Verify data on disc after burning

Nero compares the burned files on the disc bit by bit with the original files on the hard drive.

(6) Write Method

Disc-at-once is automatically selected as the default writing method for all data DVD compilations and cannot be changed.

(7) Determine maximum speed

A speed test is performed before recording.

Nero will determine the safest maximum speed for burning your disc.

(8) Simulation

A simulation burn will be performed to check if the disc is ready.

No data is actually written to the disc.

(9) Write

Starts the actual physical burning process.

(10) Finalize disc

The disc will be closed after burning. No further data can be added to the disc later.

(11) Number of copies

Select the number of copies.

Click the Burn button to start the burning process.

Nero will open the following window if it does not detect a blank DVD R or DVD RW medium in the recorder drive.

Insert a blank disc. Nero will detect the disc and will start the burning process automatically. (Do not click the Cancel button!)

Follow the status of the burning process in this window:

(1) Process status

Progress bar of the burning process.

The burning process has been completed successfully.

Click the OK button to continue.

Click the Next button to finish the burning process.
Select one of the following options to finish the data DVD burning process.

(1) start new project

(2) make labels,

(3) save the CD project to your hard drive

(4) Exit Nero Express.


  1. I'm using nero 8. one day i try to write some data like softwares photos etc. but 1st i'm insert dvd to my drive and my pc detect it and i'm go to the following steps... open startsmart->rip and burn->make data disc-> select data -> data dvd->add files->click ext-> [writing speed set to 8x(maximum in my nero)], select allow files to be added later, tick verify data after burning process, tick determine max. speed, simulation, also see "write" already ticked, named my disc, no, of copies 1, current recorder as "g:optiarc dvd rw ad-7280s [dvd]",-> then click to burn but in this process it's notify me do multisession eny way or close and others at last i can see "process not successfull at 8x speed. after the disc ejected. but some time if i insert the disc again and system does not detect or stuck my computer.


  2. in the final burn settings no. (4) is not in the above picture[multisession disc]

    and i have a question to you
    "how to write or burn a new multisession dvd?"
    please give me answer to my email{in above post}
    because of this problem i have lost my 3 dvd's