Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Make UDF/ISO CD

Click on Make UDF/ISO CD in Nero StartSmart.

achtung2 FYI: You can only burn an UDF/ISO CD in Nero Burning ROM!

Nero Burning ROM will open.

Browse for the files you want to use and highlight them on the right side in the File Browser window.

Add the files to the CD project (left compilation window) via drag and drop.

Click the (Burn) button to open the Burn Compilation window
You have numerous options to configure the CD and set the burn settings (Label, ISO, Dates, Misc).

Refer to the Nero Burning ROM manual for further details.

Select the write speed and click the Burn button to start the burning process.

Nero will open the following window if it does not detect a blank CD-R or CD-RW medium in the recorder drive.
Insert a blank disc. Nero will detect the disc and will start the burning process automatically. (Do not click the Cancel button!)

Follow the status of the burning process in this window:

(1) Used read buffer

Indicates the current buffer level. Nero temporarily writes the buffer files on the hard drive during the burning process.

(2) Process status

Progress bar of the burning process.

(3) Buffer Level

Indicates the buffer level of the recorder.

The burning process has been completed successfully.

Click the OK button to continue.

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