Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Backup Hard Drive

Click on Backup Hard Drive in Nero StartSmart

Nero BackItUp shows the "Home" window to provide and overview of the "Last BackUps" and the "Next Jobs"

Press the button (Drive Backup) to backup your Hard Drive

Select the hard drive or partition to be backed up.


The active partition or a partition that includes some open files is highlighted in yellow.

Click the Start Drive Backup button to continue.

The Backup Settings window will open.

(1) First select the Target type you want to use to create your backup.

Either choose one of your recorders, the image recorder, or a folder on your hard drive.

(2) Choose a Backup type.

(3) enter the name of your backup

(4) change the Compression Settings

(5) You can use a password to protect your backup.

FYI: It will only be possible to restore the backup with the chosen password if you activate this option.

Press OK to save your password

Click the Next button to continue.

The following message comes up:

Click the OK button to continue.

Review your settings and click the Backup button when you're ready.

Follow the current status of the backup procedure in the Backup Status window.

The backup process has been completed successfully.

Click the OK button to continue

Click the Next button to complete your project.

Select one of the options to finish the BackUp process.

(1) execute the same project again

(2) create new backup

(3) make labels

(4) return to the main window

(5) or close Nero BackItUp

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