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How to Convert a LP to CD

The procedure for Converting a Tape to CD or for Converting a LP to CD differs only when choosing the first category in Nero StartSmart. All further steps will be identical.

This guide explains the procedure for Converting a LP to CD.

How to start Converting a LP to CD:

Click on Convert LP to CD in Nero StartSmart.

How to start Converting a Tape to CD:

Click on Convert Tape to CD in Nero StartSmart.

The signal received from the record player's magnetic sampling system cannot be directly fed into the soundcard's line-in input because the signal is frequency-distorted for technical reasons.

A so-called 'frequency corrector preamplifier' between the sampling system and the soundcard is required in order to correct the frequency response. The easiest way to do this is to use the amplifier's phono input.

Sometimes leakage pickups (humming) can arise when the soundcard is linked to the amplifier. The humming is caused when two devices that have already been grounded are connected with one audio cable. A by-pass power filter or transformer can solve the problem. Sometimes it is enough if the devices are simply connected to different power sources.

Connect your receiver to your computer by using an RCA/mini-plug cable.

Most of today's computers have 1/8" mini-plugs.

Plug the 1/8" mini-plug into the soundcard.

Plug the RCA end of the RCA/mini-plug cable into the receiver.

The red and white cables go into the receivers Tape or LP (phono) line-out/record slots.

achtung2F.Y.I. some receivers have several input lines (whereas tape players only have one)

A soundcard must be installed in your computer.

Every soundcard has several input and output channels.

Make sure you select the correct input channel before you try to start the recording process.

How to select a recording device (= input channel) in Windows:

Open the control panel in Windows (Start àSettings àControl Panel) and select Sounds and Audio Devices.

Click the Advanced... button:

Click Options àProperties
Select Recording and check the box of the recording device (Line In) you want to use.

Click OK to apply the settings.

Select the recording device you want to use in the Recording Control window (always select Line In if you record from LP or tape).

Close the window to apply the settings.

The LP to CD Wizard will open.

Step 1:

Select Line In in the drop-down menu Audio input line.

Click the (Change Target File...) button to select a folder for saving the recorded audio file.

Click the (Record) button to start the recording process.

Click the (Stop) button to stop the recording process and click Next to continue.
Step 2:

Nero creates a Peak File for the Automatic Track Detection.

Select the maximum noise level in pauses between tracks and the minimum length of pauses and tracks.

Click Detect to scan the file with the selected settings.

Click Next to continue.

Step 3:

Adjust the level of Noise Reduction. Verify your adjustments by clicking Preview.

Click Next to continue.

Step 3 differs in the Tape to CD Wizard.
Step 4:

Set the length of the pause between tracks or the length of the overlap if you crossfade tracks.

Click Finish and select the final burn settings.

Select the recorder you want to use in the Device drop down menu.

You can normalize the audio tracks to give the tracks the same volume spectrum.

Enter a name in the CD Track List and click the (Burn...) button to start the burning process.

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