Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Copy Multiple DVD-Video Movies to One

Click on Copy Multiple DVD-Video Movies to One in Nero StartSmart.
Click the Import DVD button in the My Own DVD Compilation window.
Browse for the DVD-Videos you want to import.

(Select either your DVD drive if the video files are on a DVD disc or select the folder on your hard drive if the DVD content has already been copied to your computer.)

Highlight the folder in the Import Title window.

Click the Add Title button to import the DVD.
Repeat this step to add further DVD-Videos to your DVD project.
The following options can be selected in the My Own DVD Compilation window when the DVD has been imported to the DVD project.
(1) A DVD-Video disc can contain not only video files that can be played on a DVD player but also other data files.

In most cases, the non-video data can only be played on a DVD drive in a computer and not by standalone DVD players.

When you copy a DVD, Nero Recode allows you to copy both the video contents as well as the data contents.

Click the (DVD Data Files) button.

(2) Disable - Exchanges the selected title with a single frame, thereby saves space on the target DVD.

This button is only enabled if a DVD-Video title has been imported.

The Disable button is replaced by the Enable button as soon as an imported DVD-Video title has been deactivated.

Click on the Enable button to activate the previously removed titles again.

(3) Lock Ratio - Locks the quality of the selected title to the current value.

This button is only enabled if a DVD-Video title has been imported and is highlighted.

(4) Start/End - Opens a window that shows the first and last frame of the imported video file.

This button is only enabled if a video file is highlighted.

Left screen: Slide to the frame where you want to start the movie.

Right screen: Slide to the frame where you want to end the movie.

Click the OK button to save the entries.

(5) Merge Titles - Highlight two titles and merge them to one video file.

(6) Subtitle - Choose the language of the subtitle.

(7) Audio - Choose the language of audio tracks.
(8) Preview window - See the preview of your project to use this function.

(9) Profiles - Nero Recode allows you to import and to create profiles. A profile specifies which audio tracks and subtitles are chosen when DVD-Videos and other video files are imported. This information is stored in the profile and can be called up again.

Simply select the profile you want to use before you start the burning process.

(10) Erase Disc - Nero Recode erases the DVD disc in the recorder drive.

(11) Configure - Allows you to change settings (i.e. language setting) or the path for temporary folders.

(12) Fit to Target - Click the drop-down button to select the target size of the DVD.

The Fit to Target check box is marked by default. This means that the contents of the original disc will automatically be recoded to fit the size of the inserted blank disc (in as much as it is technically possible).

Unchecking the Fit to Target box enables you to create a target file which is independent of CD/DVD size.

Click the DVD Data Files button.

(2)Opens a dialog to import data files.Browse for the data files you want to use and highlight them before you click the Add button.

(3)Delete - Deletes the selected title

This button is only enabled if a video file has been imported.

Click the Next button to finish your DVD-Video project.
Select the final burn settings.

(1) Destination - Specify the target for your compilation.You can either burn with a CD/DVD recorder, save your compilation on the hard drive, or create an image file.

(2) Target Folder - (This option is only available if you selected Hard Disk Folder as the destination.)

Select the path where you want to save the DVD project.

Folder for temporary files - (This option is availalbe if you have not selected the Hard Disk Folder as destination, but a CD/DVD Recorder drive or the Image Recorder.)

(3) Burn-at-once - (This option is only available if you selected your CD/DVD Recorder drive as the destination.)

This option allows you to burn the video files to disc without creating the DVD structure on the hard drive first.

(4) Advanced Analysis - Encodes your DVD in two passes, which takes longer but improves the quality.

(5) High Quality Mode - Encodes your DVD at a lower speed and improves the quality.

Click the Burn button to start the transcoding and burning process.

Follow the status of the transcoding and writing process in this window:

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