Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Edit Audio in Nero

Click on Edit Audio in Nero StartSmart.
Nero Wave Editor will open.

Click on File à Open...

Browse for the audio file you want to use and highlight the audio file before you click the Open button.

Nero creates a Peak File before you can start editing the audio file:
Click Edit à Pause Detection... .
Select this option if you want to

- Insert track splits into the detected pauses,

- Delete the detected pauses, or

- Insert track splits and delete pauses

Select the Minimal pause length and the Minimal song length

Click the OK button to apply the settings.
You can Insert track splits manually instead of using the automatic Pause Detection... option.

Click Edit à Insert track split.

Click on the peak file at the position where you want to insert the track split.

Click Edit à Insert track split once again.

Nero will now insert a track split at the selected position.

Insert a file name for each new track and select an output file format.

Learn more about file formats (audio filters) by clicking here.

Click the OK button to save the audio files:

Follow the status of the saving process:

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  1. Hi, I am facing some trouble with the version of Nero Wave Editor I am currently using, which is that I cannot record audio more than 23 mins at a there a way out of this?