Thursday, October 22, 2009

How To Restore Backups

Click on Restore Backups in Nero StartSmart.

Nero BackItUp shows the "Home" window to provide an overview of the "Last BackUps" and the "Next Jobs"
Press the button (Restore) to restore your files

Select the backup you want to restore in the Restore Window on top of the Nero BackItUp window.

Now select the folders and files you want to restore. Simply check the files.

Click the Start Restore button to start the backup process.

The backup can be restored either to the original path or to a new path (which has to be selected).

Click the More button

Select an option to restore your files in the Restore Files window.

(1) Do not replace the file on my computer

Just restores files with file names that are not already present on the destination folder.

(No file will be overwritten.)

(2) Replace local file with one available in the backup if local file is older (recommended)

Overwrites older files that have the same names as files contained in your backup.

(3) Always replace the file on my computer

Overwrites all local files in the destination folder that have the same names as files in your backup.

(4) Delete destination folder before restore

Deletes all files stored in the destination folder.

Click the Next button to review your settings.

Click the Restore button to start the restore process.

Follow the current status of the restore process in the Restore Status window.

The restore process has been completed successfully.

Click the OK button to continue.

Select one of the options to finish the restore process.

(1) restore the same project again

(2) restore another backup

(3) return to the main window

(4) or close Nero BackItUp

Click the Finish button to complete your restore project.

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