Thursday, October 22, 2009

How tO Schedule Backups

Click on Schedule Backups in Nero StartSmart.

Nero BackItUp shows the "Home" window to provide and overview of the "Last BackUps" and the "Next Jobs"
Press the button (Jobs) to make a scheduled backup.

Click on the Add Job button in the Nero BackItUp window.

Click the Next button in the Job Wizard window.

Decide whether you want to create the backup job based on an existing backup, on new selected files and folders or

whether you want to create a drive or partition backup.

Click the Next button to continue.

In case you create the job with new files and folders, select those files and folders now. Simply check the files.

Click the Next button to continue.

The Backup Settings window will open.

(1) First select the Target type you want to use to create your backup.

Either choose one of your recorders, the image recorder, or a folder on your hard drive.

(2) Choose a Backup type.

Full backup

All files and folders in the current selection are backed up. This is the only available option if you created a new backup.

Update backup

If the target is a hard drive, the previous backup files are replaced and updated if there have been changes or additions. No new backup folders are created for this on the hard drive. However, if the target is a disc, new folders are created and this mode acts in exactly the same way as an Incremental backup would.

Differential backup

All files of the selection that have been changed or added since the very first execution of the current backup set are saved.

Incremental backup

Only saves files of the selection that has been changed or added since the previous backup of the backup set.

FYI: The first Incremental backup in a backup set is identical to the Differential Backup.

(3) enter the name of your job

(4) change the compression settings

(5) You can use a password to protect your backup.

FYI: It will only be possible to restore the backup with the chosen password if you activate this option.

Press OK to save your password

Click the Next button to continue.

Select the final settings.

(1) Type in a Job name for the backup you want to create.

(2) Job type: You can run it daily, weekly or only once.

(3) Start on: Set a start time for the job.

Click the Next button to continue.

Review your settings

Click the Finish button to add the job.

The job has been added successfully.

Click the OK button to continue.

You can now see the job added to your job list in Nero BackItUp.

You can also see a tray icon in the task bar which shows that schedule for the job is running in the background.

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