Thursday, November 26, 2009

About Nero writing speed

if we wanna make a disk copy by Nero what speed do you prefer? faster or slower is better ?
The answer could be either faster or slower it depend on what 's the purpose of CD/DVD player we want to play with?
if we want to play by PC or Laptop in this case faster is better for sure ,but if not then
Faster is not always better in the case of making disk copy by Nero ...say if users want to make a copy disk CD or DVD it simple just only put the master disk and then click the "COPY" button that is ,however in some of the cases we might have a problem of playing them on CD/DVD player for example shaking ,stoping and even can not play ,so what the problem is?it 's all about the writing speed which is not the same speed ,so to be safe for copying disk we better choose the lower speed as possible like 2x,or 4x for instances

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