Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Converting an Audio CD to MP3

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure on how to use Nero StartSmart to
copy audio files from an Audio CD to your hard drive in MP3 file format.
The following requirement has to be fulfilled:
 You have started Nero StartSmart.
To convert and save audio files, proceed as follows:
1. Click the Save Tracks menu icon.
The Rip Audio CD screen is displayed and a dialog box asks you to insert an Audio CD
into a drive.

2. Insert an Audio CD into a drive and click the OK button.
3. In the Source Drive drop-down menu, select the drive in which your Audio CD is located
(e.g. F:\).
The Audio CD is read and the individual audio files which are located on the Audio CD
are listed.

4. In the Output File Format drop-down menu select the MP3 file type.
5. Click the Browse button and select the target directory in which the audio files should be
saved (e.g. the My Music directory).
6. If you do not want select all but only a few individual audio files which are on the Audio CD,
click the Unselect All button.
The check boxes in front of the audio files are deactivated.
7. Activate the check box in front of the respective audio files that you want to copy (e.g. Track
1, Track 2, and Track 5).
8. Click the Save button.
The selected audio files are copied and converted into the MP3 file format. A progress
bar in the lower left side of the screen displays the copy progress. A dialog box opens after
the copy process has finished.
9. Click the OK button.
You have copied audio files from an Audio CD to your hard drive in MP3 format.

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