Friday, November 6, 2009

The good and bad of virtual disk drive

For those who always running CD/DVD disk (Game or Programe) from CD/DVD drive directly everytime might got some problems such as slow reading,interupt reading and as worst can cause your CD/DVD drive working hard all the time which cause them break down quickly before reaching the proper time. How to solve the problem is making a virtual disk drive which is we can store all data and information as the same disk inside our HDD. or Ext. Drive and then use the software like Nero burning rom to mount that virtual file as it were the same CD/DVD
there are many good points and reasons to support the idea of making virturl disk drive on our computer
The good
1 of course , we can read faster and safer than read from cd/dvd drive directly
2 Help to expand our life of CD/DVD drive using time
3 more economize since we can save some budgets of buying new CD/DVD drive
4 We don't need to put the CD/DVD disk into the CD/DVD drive .so we can keep them in a case
The bad
1 it's all about the licence and copy right because it easy for those who want to make a copy of CD/DVD disk (Game or Programe) which is nomally will need us to put the original disk into the CD/DVD drive everytime we want to play a game,then with this virtual disk technology is the over of this method
2 it can cause your HDD. full ,especially if your HDD. is not much larger enough,then it also can cause you spent the money on new HDD.
3 your may need to buy softwares to make a virturl disk if you don't know that there are a freeware to make a virtual disk available to download in the internet
whether you are new to this or not you can learn and consider by yourself for the good and the bad of making virtual drive on your computer and I wish you make the right dicision
Have a good luck and thank for every reader who read this short article on virtual disk drive

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