Monday, November 2, 2009

How to burn image file with Nero Burning Rom

I would give a sample of why we might have to burn image file on our PC. In my case last week ago my friend just came by and showed his DVD movie of visithing London which is I really want to have ,so I asked to copy a disk ,but unlucky after clicking the copy button on Nero burning rom I got the massage told please insert blank DVD in your drive ,oh no I got no blank DVD left in my house ,so sad . I niether want to keep the DVD movie with me nor give him back then with Nero burning image file I can solve this problem by following this easy step
The good of image file
To copy CD or DVD if you make only one disk copy you might not see the different of burning image file ,however if we want to make another disk in the next day later then burn image file would be better because we don't have to read from the original disk again instead we directly copy from image file.
# Another one which is very popular is to burn image file as Virtual Drive or Image Drive using Nero ImageDrive for example some license game CD or DVD disk would need the disk inside CD-ROM during the play ,then with Nero ImageDrive we can burn image file and make them as a virtual drive so we don't need a disk inside our CD-ROM anymore and this ways is help to extend our life of CD-ROM as well as more speed than read from CD-ROM Drive
To make an image file with Nero
we can either put a blank CD/DVD disk into CD/DVD Drive or put later when massage prompt to
1. Open Nero Burning Rom then click "cancel" button

2. In Nero Burning Rom change your drive to Image Recorder (see picture below)

3. click menu "file" -> "create" or Ctrl+N

4. select copy disk
5. select our hardware CD/DVD-ROM drive
6. Then click on "Copy"

7. define a path of saving image file by providing folder and file name ,then hit the save button

8. Picture of Nero Burning Rom in progress

9. Final step ,message shown the burning process finished ,click OK

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