Saturday, November 7, 2009

How To Edit Your Photos

Click on Edit Your Photos in Nero StartSmart.

Click the Open button in the Nero PhotoSnap window.

Browse for the pictures you want to use and highlight them before you click the OK button.

The following formats are supported:


Pictures of people who have been photographed with a flash appear to have red eyes (or, to be more precise, red pupils) instead of their real eye color. The red color in the pupils is caused by blood in the choroid (a layer of tissue in the back of the eye containing a large number of blood vessels) which becomes visible because the iris cannot close quickly enough.

This effect is stronger the closer the flash is positioned to camera lens.

In other words: The red eye effect is worst with the most popular compact cameras.

Nero PhotoSnap offers a function which removes this red eye effect from a picture.

Click the Red Eye Removal button in Nero PhotoSnap.

Click the Splitted preview Red Eye Removal tab to change to the split-screen-view.

Select the area you want to edit in the picture.

Simply create a circle around a red eye (for example) by dragging the mouse over the area while you click the left mouse button.

FYI: You do not need to be overly precise while you mark the area to be changed. The filter will only replace the red values with grey ones!

Move the slider in the edit panel to define the degree of reduction.

Click the Next button if you want to edit another part of the picture with the red eye removal tool (e.g. if several people with red eyes are visible on the picture).

Click the Apply button if all parts of the picture are edited.

Click Save button to save the edited picture

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