Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Make Or Modify DVD-Video (VR)

DVD-Video (VR) format allows you to create a re-editable DVD-Video disc. It only works with DVD+RW or DVD-RW disc types. This option is only available if the installed recorder supports burning in DVD VR format.

DVD-Video (VR) format offers three possibilities that are not available with standard DVD-Video:

- Video files can be recorded to disc in real-time instead of saving the video files on hard disk first (Option: direct recording on VR).

- All video files on the disc can be edited and authored later.

- Additional video files can be added later depending on the available amount of disc space.

There are differences between DVD+VR and DVD-VR format. DVD-VR format does not allow you to create a menu.

Only a playlist can be created. An audio track cannot be edited and no new track can be added.

Click on Make or Modify DVD-Video (VR) in Nero StartSmart.

Modify a DVD-Video (VR) disc:

Import a DVD-Video (VR) disc if you want to modify it with Nero Vision.

When the disc is imported, click the Edit Movie button to modify the imported movies.

Create a DVD-Video (VR) disc:

The way to create a DVD-Video (VR) and the way to create a DVD-Video are identical.

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