Saturday, November 7, 2009

what is Nero StartSmart

The Nero StartSmart icon will appear on the desktop of your computer after the installation of the Nero Suite. Nero StartSmart, the "command center" of the Nero Suite, provides convenient access to all applications. Start Nero StartSmart as follows:

Double-click the Nero StartSmart icon .
The default Nero StartSmart window will be opened.
Click on the arrow button to the left in the frame of the window.
Nero StartSmart's extended features will be displayed.
The following control options are available:


Menu Icon
The menu icons in the top right corner of the initial Nero StartSmart screen represent categories in which related tasks are grouped together. The scope of the tasks offered in the individual categories differs depending on the project type selected and whether Nero StartSmart is in default or expert mode. The available tasks are displayed as menu icons when you hover the mouse pointer over the category icons.

Changing the allocation of the applications to tasks
Hovering the mouse pointer over the menu icons in the task area displays a dialog area giving the name of the application with which the respective task is processed. If there is a number of suitable applications, you can also select an application here and make it the default application for this task.

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