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How to Compiling and Burning a SecurDis Data Disc

Nero Express combines all the performance and efficiency of Nero Burning ROM with a simplified user interface and guides you quickly and securely through the process of creating a SecurDisc™ disc. The default settings are selected to automatically produce the best possible result. It couldn't be easier to use: simply select the SecurDisc™ project, add the files, and start burning. There is no difference in the procedure for the creation of data CDs or DVDs.
SecurDis drive
You can only create SecurDisc™ discs using drives that support SecurDisc™ (for example from HLDS/LG) and Nero Express .
Duplication protection for PDF files
Please note that the SecurDisc™ duplication protection feature for PDF files can only be used on DVDs.
SecurDis and Nero Express
Nero Express is available in three different versions: Nero Express, Nero Express Essentials, and Nero Express Essentials SE. Nero Express and Nero Express Essentials offer the full range of features, only Nero Express Essentials SE does not offer a number of features (including the burning of SecurDisc discs).
The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
􀂃 You have a drive that supports SecurDisc.
􀂃 You have installed Nero Express on your computer.
􀂃 You have launched Nero Express .
Proceed as follows to compile and burn a SecurDisc™ data disc:
1. In the start screen of Nero Express , click the menu icon Data.
􀃆 The SecurDisc Data CD and SecurDisc Data DVD options are displayed.

2. Click the desired option - SecurDisc Data CD or SecurDisc™ Data DVD.
􀃆 The Disc Content compilation screen for data CDs/DVDs is displayed. Additional options are offered in the extended area of the compilation screen under SecurDisc Settings.

3. Add the desired files to your compilation.
􀃆 The files are displayed in the compilation screen.

Activating protection feature
You can disable the protection feature for individual files or selectively enable them. Highlight the desired file to display the Unprotect/Protect button. Click the Unprotect/Protect button to enable or disable protection.
4. To protect data on the disc against unauthorized access, select the Protect data by password check box.
􀃆 All files in the compilation are protected as can be seen by a lock symbol.
5. To furnish the disc with a digital signature, select the Digital Signature check box.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Digital Signature window will open.

Using existing keys
If you have already created a digital key, click the Search button and select your key in the SecurDisc – Private Key window.
6. If you want to create a digital key:
1. Click the Start button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Create Digital Key window will open.
2. Read the introduction and click the Next button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Key Creation Process window will open.

3. Move your mouse at random until the creation process is complete in order to generate random data that will help to make the key more secure.
􀃆 A progress bar keeps you informed about the process status. The Next button is displayed as soon as the process is complete.
4. Click the Next button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Key Creation Completed window will open.
5. Enter a file name for the key you have created and click the Finish button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Digital Signature combo box will open again and the selected key will be displayed in the combo box.
7. Click the OK button.
􀃆 The information window will open to inform you that the disc is being digitally signed with the selected key.
Public key
You can pass on the relevant public key to recipients to enable them to verify the signature.
8. Click the OK button.
9. To protect the PDF files on the SecurDisc DVD against unauthorized duplication, select the Copy Protection check box.
􀃆 All PDF files are copy-protected. The check box Disable Copy Protection by Password appears.
Password wizard
A wizard offers suggestions by means of an additional dialog box when entering and selecting the password. It already estimates the security level, i.e. the quality of the password, during entry.
10. If you want to permit duplication of the copy-protected data after entering a password:
1. Select the Disable Copy Protection by Password check box.
􀃆 The Allow Duplication by Password window will open.
2. Enter the desired password in the Password area.
3. Confirm the password in the password confirmation text box and click the OK button.
11. Put a recordable disc that supports SecurDisc™ into the drive and click the Next button.
􀃆 The Protect Data window will open.

12. Enter the desired password in the Password area.
13. Confirm the password in the Password confirmation text box and click the OK button.
􀃆 The Final Burn Settings window is displayed.
Monitor process status
You can follow the process status in the status bar. As soon as the burn process has finished, the Nero Express dialog box will open and show you the message about the result of the burn process.
14. Make the desired settings and click the Burn button.
􀃆 The Burning Process screen is displayed and the burn process starts.
15. Click the OK button.
16. If you would like to print or save a log of the burn process, click either the Print or Save button.
17. Click the Next button.
􀃎 You have created a SecurDisc data disc and can now continue by selecting another option from the final screen or by exiting Nero Express.

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