Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to solve your printer driver conflict problem

New computer user who just bought new PC or Laptop and just installed new printer to you computer,but can't print here how to solve your problem
Case 1 Check for make sure you have install driver correctly and all cable line such as USB port connect firmly and correctly
Case 2 your printer driver conflict ,I have found many problems come from not follow the step by step of how to install new printer driver on your computer
A step by step to install printer driver correctly for almost brands
1 insert your CD disk driver into the CD Drive and wait for auto run ,click for set up and do follow the step by step instruction till the process tell you to connect the USB cable to computer and turn the printer on
2 Wait for minuter to allow the windows search and detect for new printer and then follow the instruction
3 You have done
Case 3 Skip step /Driver conflict /You have connected cable and turn printer on before installing the printer driver
How to fix the conflict
Start over by completely remove your printer's driver off from your windows registry system
1 Go to control panel/AddRemove Program ,and select the remove
2 Make a reboot your windows to begin the correctly install the driver by following the correctly step as mention above
Case 4 your new Printer or cable out of order ,this case is rarely happen ,however it do happen sometimes
How to test and fix
1 If you have another PC or laptop try with them if can work or not
2 Contact your seller or company or technician who good at computer problem
3 Have a good days bye

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  1. I was suppose to have this problem several times. The information provided is too much relevant. It is easy to understand and easy to Fix Computer Problem.