Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to make Audio CD or DVD

By using Nero StartSmart users can easily create favorite Audio CD or DVD for personal listening at home or in a car.
A step to do so.
1 open Nero StartSmart and insert CD/DVD disk into the drive
2 On the left panel menu click Burn Audio CD
3 Click Add to browse for your song on the computer
4 Add the song which is you want to burn.
5 Click close when you have already add the songs
6 will be back on the same previous window
7 Check for the song name in the list and look for the total disk space available if green it mean not over the content of the CD/DVD disk
8 Name the CD /DVD disk or leave it as default
9 When ready click Burn to begin your work
10 wait for 100% complete and the disk will be ejected
11 test your Audio CD/DVD by play back on Audio CD/DVD player or on your computer

1 comment:

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