Monday, August 30, 2010

How to make MP4 Disk

MP4 is like MP3,but along with animation similar to video file ,however its smaller size.MP4 can play back on MP4 player or even on MP3 some cases.
How to make MP4 by Nero StartSmart
1 Put one blank disk in your drive
2 Click on icon Burn Audio
3 Click on "Nero Digital (TM)+(NDA+) Jukebox Disc"
4 Click "Add" to add the file and folder
5 Select the MP4 file which is we want to burn
6 Click on "Add" to add the file into the process
7 after adding MP4 files finish then click cancel
8 There will be MP4 file shown up on the Nero express
9 Enter the disk name (option)
10 Click "Burn" to begin the job
11 Wait till 100% complete
12 Disk will be ejected out
13 Check your out put by playing back on MP4 Player or on PC.

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  1. Its quite useful to see the steps that you listed of making mp4 disk.These are really very easy to follow and it saved me lot of time.You are right that MP$ is smaller in size.Good work.
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