Friday, August 13, 2010

How to rip audio cd song with Nero 9.0

Sometime you may want to copy A CD/DVD songs from your disk onto PC or Laptop in order to listen to later or for burn for MP3 format ,however we can not make a simple copy and paste directly between CD/DVD drive to PC or Laptop because you will get only a shortcut to the songs not really a song file ,however if you still really want those songs on your PC or Laptop here is the guide to do so . Actually there are a fews means of doing so which is we call Audio CD Ripping. By using these program media player,Winamp and Nero
For today tips I would recommend Audio ripping by using Nero 9.0 dew to its really simple and reliable of the software
The steps

1 insert the CD/DVD song into your drive
2 open Nero StartSmart
3 on the menu icon (Left side) click on Audio Ripping
4 wait for songs scanning and detect
5 select folder where to keep the songs that we going to rip or copy and don't forget to select the output format as mp3

6 select all of the songs or just some songs and then click Rip to begin
7 Wait till 100% finish and go to you folder and check for your result

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  1. I never knew that I can't make a copy and paste directly between DVD drive to my Laptop and If I do then I will get only a shortcut to the songs.I came across this recently.Thanks for helping me
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