Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to write data disc with Nero StartSmart

StartSmart is the center command and links to access to others function and applications of Nero like Nero burning Rom,Nero express ,Nero vision for instance.
To write the data disc is a safe way and easy way for computer user to do in order to have a another one of data to copy ,back up or reuse in the case of virus computer ,window conflict ,clash ,out of order or stolen.
Before writing any data disc ,place check
1 Disc Drive should be CD-RW Drive or DVD-RW Drive
2 Cd or DVD Disc
3 Data files on your computer
4 Application for write data disc Nero any versions
5 Close others application before writing data disc because during the witting process the computer need a speed to pass the the data files into the disk ,so if any application open and clash will cause your writing problem and cannot open the disk later
When every tings is ready now begin our work
the step
1 insert CD/DVD disk into the drive
2 Open up Nero StartSmart
3 click on Data burning

4 click Add to add your data file either a file name or folder and the capacity should not more then the content of the disk CD-disk is about 700 MB. and DVD disk is about 4.7 GB.
5 back to the display of Nero will be a list of the file or folders which are we have selected .Check for correction or remove if you want
6 Take a look for the capacity of the disk if the green is OK not exceed ,but Red is exceed so we have to remove some file of folder off till it became green.
10 Name the disk if you want or just leave as default value
11 Click Burn to begin the writing process
12 Writing process ,wait for the data disk to finish 100%
13 When 100% burning finish the disc will be automatically eject out and message box show data burning complete

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