Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to create audio book with Nero Express

Making audio book with Nero express can be done in 3 options one of them is by using nero express.To make audio book cd / dvd with Nero express just follow these steps.
1 insert 1 CD/DVD blank into your drive
2 From NeroStartSmart click small Nero icon on the lower left side to open up the menu links ,then click on Nero Express

3 Click "Audio" and then on the left panel Click on "Audio book" and then  Click "Add" to open up the new windows which is we can browse for the audio file (must be .AA files only )

4 Add the .aa audio files into the disk

5 After you have added the file then click on "Cancel"
6 Click on "Next" will go to the next step Final burn set up
7 Enter the disk name or leave as default
8 Click "Burn" to begin
9 Audio book is burning so wait until 100% finish
10 When 100% complete the disk will automatically ejected out
11 Click "Next"
12 save project or not if not just click close
13 Do you want to save the project for later use or not if not click "NO"


  1. I think this is very helpful. But why can't you save these files to a drive? Why do they have to be burned? And...after they are burned, what files do they become? Inquiring minds, you know. :-D

    Thank you very much.

  2. I feel that the steps you provided are really very easy to follow but I do have same question like Margot that why can't we save these files to a drive.Is it not possible in any way?
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  3. What i did.. was I saved the output to NERO ISO.. so this burned a virtual disk.. after that.. I mounted the disc with NERO IMAGE and ripped to MP3 with windows media player.. it's a long way.. but it works great..Hope this helps....