Thursday, February 28, 2013

Burning with Nero Image Recorder – Creating an image file

Burning with Nero Image Recorder – Creating an image file

To set the burn settings according to your requirements and to save your project as an im-age file to the hard drive using Nero Image Recorder, proceed as follows:
Nero Image Recorder must be activated before it appears in the drop-down menu.
1.Compile a project of your choice.
The Final Burn Settings screen opens.
2.Select the Image Recorder option from the Current Recorder drop-down menu.
3.Add to the required values in the input fields.
4.Add to the required sett
5. Click the Burn button.

The Burning Process screen appears and the Save Image

6.Enter a name for your image file in the File Name input field.
Nero Express 53 dialog box opens and
7. Select the desired storage location in the navigation tree and click the Save button.
 The burn or save process starts. You can follow the process status in the status bar. As soon as the burn or save process is finished, the Nero Express displays a message about the result of the burn process

8.Click the OK button.
9 If you like to print or save a log file click either the Save or Print button
10. Click the Next button.

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