Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Compiling Video CDs/Super Video CDs

Using Nero Express you can compile Video CDs (MPEG-1 format) and/or Super Video CDs (MPEG-2 format) from your video and/or picture files, which can be played on almost all VCD or SVCD and DVD players as videos or slide shows. Source files are automatically converted to the correct format during the burn process. The procedure for both compilation methods is identical.
When creating a slide show in Nero Express, options such as Accentuate with background music are not available. Nero Vision offers additional features.
Please see the separate Nero Vision user manual for full instructions on how to produce professional looking slide shows.

When creating a slide show as a VCD/SVCD, the picture files involved are sto-red in a DAT file. This kind of file can no longer be modified or viewed using an image processing program. If you would like to save the original formats on your CD as well, select the Store source pictures in check box.
To create a (Super) Video CD, proceed as follows:
1.In the Nero Express start screen, click the menu icon Videos/Pictures.
The Video CD, Super Video CD and DVD-Video Files options appear.
2.Click the option you require, Video CD or Super Video CD.
The My (Super) Video CD compilation screen opens.
My (Super) Video CD compilation screen

Video and Slide Show
3.Click the Add button.
The Add files and folders window opens.
4.Select the video and/or picture files that you want to add to the compilation.
5.Click the Add button.
6.Repeat the two previous steps for all video and/or picture files that you want to add to the

d/or picture files are added to the compilation and displayed on the compilauit
your requirements.
e Enable (S)VCD Menu check box.
ed the (S)VCD Menu check box, the My (Super) Video CD Menu
7. Click the Close button.  The video anti
on screen.
8.Customize the properties of the video and/or picture files to s
9. When needed, select th
10. Click the Next button.
 If you have select
screen appears

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