Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Copy Audio CDs to Hard Drive by Nero express

User who want to copy some musics,songs and audios CD/DVD into HDD. of your computer can follow this easy step by step by using the ability of Nero Express to help the job done.

1 Define the settings for audio files to be saved on the hard drive in the Copy Audio CDs to Hard Drive.
2 Open the window in the extended area of the start screen by clicking Save Tracks
The following setting options are available

Specifies settings for the source of the audio data.

Sets output files configuration options.

Starts the copy or save process.

Source tab

The Source tab displays the audio files on the Audio CD. The functions of the control but-tons correspond to the familiar control buttons on CD players.

The following setting options are available:

Drop-down menu 
Source drive   
Selects the drive where the Audio CD is inserted.

Title Selection List   
Displays the tracks on the Audio CD. You can select individual tracks to copy by selecting the respective check box.

Sends a new query to the Gracenote Media Database and com-pletes the Audio CD's metadata including artist, title name, and genre if a matching entry exists in the database.

Edit Metadata  
Opens the Edit MetaData window. Here, you can edit the Audio CD metadata sent by Gracenote. You can enter the metadata if no en-try for your Audio CD exists in the Gracenote Media Database. This metadata is sent to Gracenote, and added to the Gracenote Media Database.

Input fields 
Displays or specifies metadata for the album, artist and year.

Selection list 
Displays or specifies the genre.

Output tab
You can define the properties of the audio files to be created on the Output tab.
The following setting options are available:

Input window Output directory
Selects the storage location for the output file.
Button Browse
Opens a browser window where you can select a storage location.
Drop-down menu
Mode for creating file name
Selects the method to be used for creating the name of the output file.
Check box
Automatically ge-nerate a playlist of stored audio tracks
Creates a playlist of the saved audio files.

Drop-down menu Playlist format
Selects a format for the playlist.
Drop-down menu File format
Selects the output audio format for the selected audio file. The se-lected file format is available as the first entry the next time it is cal-led up.
Button Settings
Opens a window where you can define options such as bit rate and frequency for the output audio file.
Check box
Force compatibil-ity with iPod
Makes Nero Digital Audio+ available for an iPod.
Is only available if you selected the Nero Digital Audio + output format

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