Sunday, February 17, 2013

How To create a data CD/DVD with Nero express 9

1.Click the Data menu icon in the Nero Express start screen.

The Data CD and Data DVD options are displayed.
2.Click the option you want.
The Disc Content compilation screen for data CDs/DVDs is displayed. If you selected one of the SecurDisc Data CD or SecurDisc Data DVD options in the start screen, an additional dialog box opens. Additional options are displayed in the extended area of the compilation window under SecurDisc Settings.

3.Click the Add button.

The Add files and folders window opens.

4.Select the files that you want to add to the compilation and click the Add button.
5.Repeat the previous step for all files that you want to add.

6.Click the Close button.
The files are added to the compilation and displayed in the compilation screen.
7.Hide specific files.
8.If you want to create a SecurDisc data CD/DVD, select the desired check boxes in the Se-curDisc Settings area.
9.Click the Next button.  If you have checked boxes in the SecurDisc Settings area, the co
boxes will be opened and you will be able to make more settings
 You have successfully compiled a data CD/DVD and can now burn this compilation.

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