Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to save Data Tracks nero express

With Nero Express you can save a data disc as an image fileburned to a recordable disc. The result is a copy of the original data disc

To save the data disc as an image file, proceed as follows:
1. Insert the data disc in a drive.
2. Click the Save Data Tracks button in the extended area of the start screen
 The Select Track window opens

3 . Select the first data track.
4.Click the Save Track button.
 The Save As window opens.

5.Select a file name and store location
6. In the Save As drop-down menu, select the desired output format (ISO or NRG) for the im-age file.
7 Click the Start button.

The Progress window is opened and displays the progress made while saving.
When the save process is complete, the window closes automatically.
 You have successfully created an image file starting from a data disc. Now you can burn the image file to a disc.


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