Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making Image File By Nero Burning Rom

In the case or any cases you have to create image files for your work or the job to be done ,then you can create them by using Nero Burning Rom as a tool to do the jobs for you.
A step by step guides.
1 Just open up Nero Burning Rom
2 On the screen select or click on the Disk drive CD/DVD Drive
All the files on the disk will be shown on the last windows ;Select all of them by drag and drop on the 2nd windows
P.S. Users can select the files or folders on computer instead CD-DVD drive.
3 On the command menu click to select the the disk drive to burn as Image Recorder
4 Now click on Burn Now
5 The Next window shown up asking for some checking your setting ;we can click on Yes to skip this step.
6 On the Saving Image file windows select the folder which you want to keep the image file
7 Put on the file name as you want to
8 save as type: there are 2 types ; NRG (Nero image file) by Nero and .ISO
9 Click Save and wait for the job to be done.

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