Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to Burn DVD-Video Files in Nero StartSmart

Click on Burn DVD-Video Files in Nero StartSmart.
Nero Burning ROM will open.

Browse for your DVD-Video Files and highlight them on the right side in the File Browser window.

The video files must be saved on your hard drive in *.VOB, *.IFO, and *.BUP format.

(The standard structure of a complete DVD-Video project consists of these three file types).

Nero Burning ROM will not accept other file formats.

You will need at least three files to add:

1x *.VOB file

1x *.IFO file

1x *.BUP file

Otherwise your stand-alone DVD-player might not be able to recognize the burned DVD even if the video content is saved in the *.VOB file. Most stand-alone DVD-players search for the information which is stored in *.IFO and *.BUP files to playback the DVD correctly!

Add the files to the DVD-project (left compilation window) via drag and drop - make sure that you drag the files into the Video_TS folder of your compilation:

Click the (Burn) button to open the Burn Compilation window.
You have now numerous options to configure the DVD and set the burn settings (Label, ISO, Dates, Misc).

Refer to the Nero Burning ROM manual for further details.

Select the write speed and click Burn to start the burning process:

Follow the status of the writing process in this window:


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