Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Record Audio in Nero

Click on Record Audio in Nero StartSmart.
If you have not yet selected a recording device in Windows click here.
Using the Nero Wave Editor you can record your own audio files from a sound source (line-in, microphone, or CD Audio).

A soundcard must be installed in your computer.

Every soundcard has several input and output channels.

Make sure you select the correct input channel before you try to start the recording process.

How to select a recording device (= input channel) in Windows:

Open the control panel in Windows (Start àSettings àControl Panel) and select Sounds and Audio Devices.

Click the Advanced... button:

Click Options àProperties
Select Recording and check the box of the recording device (Phone Line, Stereo Mix,...) you want to use.

Click the OK button to apply the settings.

Select the recording device you want to use in the Recording Control window (in this case we use the Microphone).

Close the window to apply the settings:

Nero Wave Editor will open.

Select the Sample Format Settings and click the OK button to apply your settings:

F.Y.I. We suggest to keep the default settings if you are not an advanced user!

The Recording Console will appear.


Click the (Record) button to start the recording process.

Click the (Pause) button to stop the recording and finish recording by clicking OK.
The recorded audio file will appear in the display area.

Click File è Save As... to save the recorded audio file.

Insert a File name and select an output file format in the Save as type drop-down menu.

You can access the filter settings by clicking the Options... button

Learn more about file formats (audio filters) by clicking here.

Click Save to save your audio file in the selected folde

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