Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to create audio book with Nero Express

Making audio book with Nero express can be done in 3 options one of them is by using nero express.To make audio book cd / dvd with Nero express just follow these steps.
1 insert 1 CD/DVD blank into your drive
2 From NeroStartSmart click small Nero icon on the lower left side to open up the menu links ,then click on Nero Express

3 Click "Audio" and then on the left panel Click on "Audio book" and then  Click "Add" to open up the new windows which is we can browse for the audio file (must be .AA files only )

4 Add the .aa audio files into the disk

5 After you have added the file then click on "Cancel"
6 Click on "Next" will go to the next step Final burn set up
7 Enter the disk name or leave as default
8 Click "Burn" to begin
9 Audio book is burning so wait until 100% finish
10 When 100% complete the disk will automatically ejected out
11 Click "Next"
12 save project or not if not just click close
13 Do you want to save the project for later use or not if not click "NO"

Monday, September 6, 2010

How to burn image file by nero express

If you can not burn dick copy directly to another disk or you want to save the time in the case of many disks copy so using image burn is your better option because you don't have to read disk to disk from CD or DVD drive ,but image file will can store in your computer's hard drive and then burn directly to the disks.
If you are using Ahead nero 9.0 you have 3 options to burn image file
How to burn image file by using Nero Express
1 Put the original disk into the CD/DVD Drive
2 On NeroStartSmart click small Nero icon on the lower left side to open up the menu links ,then click on Nero Express
3 On Nero Express window click on "Image Project copy"

4 Click to select Copy entire Cd/Dvd
5 Specify the source drive as our CD/DVD Drive and the destination drive as Image Recorder

6 After you have finished ,then click on "Copy" command will open up new window
7 On the new window select the directory and enter the name of image file and click "Save"

8 Wait for the burning process to finish 100% and the drive will be ejected out ,click "OK" to finish

Monday, August 30, 2010

How to make MP4 Disk

MP4 is like MP3,but along with animation similar to video file ,however its smaller size.MP4 can play back on MP4 player or even on MP3 some cases.
How to make MP4 by Nero StartSmart
1 Put one blank disk in your drive
2 Click on icon Burn Audio
3 Click on "Nero Digital (TM)+(NDA+) Jukebox Disc"
4 Click "Add" to add the file and folder
5 Select the MP4 file which is we want to burn
6 Click on "Add" to add the file into the process
7 after adding MP4 files finish then click cancel
8 There will be MP4 file shown up on the Nero express
9 Enter the disk name (option)
10 Click "Burn" to begin the job
11 Wait till 100% complete
12 Disk will be ejected out
13 Check your out put by playing back on MP4 Player or on PC.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to burn UDF with Nero burning rom

If you want to burn a data DVD with a file that is 2 GB in size or larger you have to use the DVD (UDF) format and not the default DVD (ISO) which is regularly used for creating a data DVD in Nero Burning ROM.

During the process You will get a message telling you that you have to use a different specification setting : “The file “” is larger than 2GB and therefore cannot be store in an ISO file system. Please use the UDF file system to write such large files. This have to do by selecting another compilation type.”. And this is because the ISO 9660 specification doesn’t allow to write files that are larger than 2 GB.
To burn data file more than 2 GB at once you have to use “DVD-ROM (UDF)”. The following steps will guide you to do this:

1. click and lunch Nero StartSmart (Nero icon)
2. on the left side of the window you will click on small arrow and click Nero Burning ROM to open up
3. Take a look at the left of the new window, scroll down and click on DVD-ROM (UDF) –
4. click on NEW

From this point you just follow the regularly steps in burning you DVD.
Now you can see, that annoying message disappear and we can drag & drop files into burning section, larger than 2GB.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to make Audio CD or DVD

By using Nero StartSmart users can easily create favorite Audio CD or DVD for personal listening at home or in a car.
A step to do so.
1 open Nero StartSmart and insert CD/DVD disk into the drive
2 On the left panel menu click Burn Audio CD
3 Click Add to browse for your song on the computer
4 Add the song which is you want to burn.
5 Click close when you have already add the songs
6 will be back on the same previous window
7 Check for the song name in the list and look for the total disk space available if green it mean not over the content of the CD/DVD disk
8 Name the CD /DVD disk or leave it as default
9 When ready click Burn to begin your work
10 wait for 100% complete and the disk will be ejected
11 test your Audio CD/DVD by play back on Audio CD/DVD player or on your computer

How to write data disc with Nero StartSmart

StartSmart is the center command and links to access to others function and applications of Nero like Nero burning Rom,Nero express ,Nero vision for instance.
To write the data disc is a safe way and easy way for computer user to do in order to have a another one of data to copy ,back up or reuse in the case of virus computer ,window conflict ,clash ,out of order or stolen.
Before writing any data disc ,place check
1 Disc Drive should be CD-RW Drive or DVD-RW Drive
2 Cd or DVD Disc
3 Data files on your computer
4 Application for write data disc Nero any versions
5 Close others application before writing data disc because during the witting process the computer need a speed to pass the the data files into the disk ,so if any application open and clash will cause your writing problem and cannot open the disk later
When every tings is ready now begin our work
the step
1 insert CD/DVD disk into the drive
2 Open up Nero StartSmart
3 click on Data burning

4 click Add to add your data file either a file name or folder and the capacity should not more then the content of the disk CD-disk is about 700 MB. and DVD disk is about 4.7 GB.
5 back to the display of Nero will be a list of the file or folders which are we have selected .Check for correction or remove if you want
6 Take a look for the capacity of the disk if the green is OK not exceed ,but Red is exceed so we have to remove some file of folder off till it became green.
10 Name the disk if you want or just leave as default value
11 Click Burn to begin the writing process
12 Writing process ,wait for the data disk to finish 100%
13 When 100% burning finish the disc will be automatically eject out and message box show data burning complete

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to open Nero burning Rom and Nero Express

On Nero StartSmart user can access Nero burning Rom and Nero Express by doing like this.
1 Notice on the lower left of the StartSmart will be a small arrow close to Nero icon just click on the small arrow to open up the items

2 select Nero burning Rom or Nero Express
3 You will get the Nero burning Rom or Nero Express open up ready for your work
Tip some persons may confuse with Nero burning Rom and Nero Express are the same or not.Actually both Nero burning Rom and Nero Express are the same ,but different on its skin.Some may used to Nero burning Rom than Nero Express,however both of them are the same and can do the work for us as well.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to rip audio cd by Nero Express

Another way of ripping Audio CD to your hard disk computer is by using Nero express.
The steps
1 From StartSmart click tiny icon lower left and select Nero Express

2 Click small arrow to expand the menu command
3 on the command links menu click "Save Audio track" (we have to insert the CD song into the C/DVD drive already)

4 Just follow the instruction of the process till done (similar to Nero burning Rom Ripping)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to rip audio song with Nero Burning Rom

Nero Burning Rom Window is not only for CD/DVD burning disk but also audio ripping as well.To rip audio song with Nero Burning Rom just follow this steps.
1 put a CD/DVD songs into your drive
2 From Nero StartSmart click icon on the bottom left and select Nero Burning Rom

3 New compilation opened ,just click to close it
4 click Extra and select "Save Audio track"

5 There will be message say "The Cd disk in not in the database" ,just click No to close it
6 Type The artist name ,album title ,year and genre and then click submit

7 will be back to the previous windows if you want to listen to the song just click play icon
8 select and deselect the songs which is you want to rip or copy can be song by song or all songs
9 click output Tab
10 Tell the folder where to keep the songs ,the format of the file (mp3)
11 Then the last step click copy to begin the process

11 wait till finish
12 Go to your folder to check for your result

Friday, August 13, 2010

How to rip audio cd song with Nero 9.0

Sometime you may want to copy A CD/DVD songs from your disk onto PC or Laptop in order to listen to later or for burn for MP3 format ,however we can not make a simple copy and paste directly between CD/DVD drive to PC or Laptop because you will get only a shortcut to the songs not really a song file ,however if you still really want those songs on your PC or Laptop here is the guide to do so . Actually there are a fews means of doing so which is we call Audio CD Ripping. By using these program media player,Winamp and Nero
For today tips I would recommend Audio ripping by using Nero 9.0 dew to its really simple and reliable of the software
The steps

1 insert the CD/DVD song into your drive
2 open Nero StartSmart
3 on the menu icon (Left side) click on Audio Ripping
4 wait for songs scanning and detect
5 select folder where to keep the songs that we going to rip or copy and don't forget to select the output format as mp3

6 select all of the songs or just some songs and then click Rip to begin
7 Wait till 100% finish and go to you folder and check for your result

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to open CD/DVD DRIVE

One of the CD/DVD DRIVE problem ,I have found in hard or difficult to open it ,here is how to fix the problem
Case 1 Can't open up ,try this ways
- use a paper clip to insert into the tiny hole in the front of the CD/DVD Drive in most case it will work
Case 2 hard to open a paper clip to insert into the tiny hole in the front of the CD/DVD Drive in most case it will work
How to avoid the problem after you have open it up already put on cd/dvd disk inside the Driver forever in this case your CD/DVD drive will easily open up in the next time ,I don't know why ,but it really work.
Case 3 can't open it
In this case you may try to fix by yourself ,but if not then you need to buy a new one

How to solve your printer driver conflict problem

New computer user who just bought new PC or Laptop and just installed new printer to you computer,but can't print here how to solve your problem
Case 1 Check for make sure you have install driver correctly and all cable line such as USB port connect firmly and correctly
Case 2 your printer driver conflict ,I have found many problems come from not follow the step by step of how to install new printer driver on your computer
A step by step to install printer driver correctly for almost brands
1 insert your CD disk driver into the CD Drive and wait for auto run ,click for set up and do follow the step by step instruction till the process tell you to connect the USB cable to computer and turn the printer on
2 Wait for minuter to allow the windows search and detect for new printer and then follow the instruction
3 You have done
Case 3 Skip step /Driver conflict /You have connected cable and turn printer on before installing the printer driver
How to fix the conflict
Start over by completely remove your printer's driver off from your windows registry system
1 Go to control panel/AddRemove Program ,and select the remove
2 Make a reboot your windows to begin the correctly install the driver by following the correctly step as mention above
Case 4 your new Printer or cable out of order ,this case is rarely happen ,however it do happen sometimes
How to test and fix
1 If you have another PC or laptop try with them if can work or not
2 Contact your seller or company or technician who good at computer problem
3 Have a good days bye

How to burn CD with XP

If you don't have any software for burning CD/DVD on your computer and you might want to burn some data disk with your windows XP,here is the hints of how to burn a data disk by XP.
1 insert a blank cd/dvd disk in your CD/DVD Reader
2 Go to Windows Explorer panel
3 Drag and drop any files data to the CD/DVD Drive
4 On the Desktop Double click My computer and click the CD/DVD Drive to open up
5 Take a look on the left top panel you will see the command links say Write these files to CD and Delete temporary files ,so just click on "Write these files to CD"
6 you have done ,wait for your data disk

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best freeware for Movie DVD Maker

Looking for The best Freeware for making Movie DVD Maker, free DVD creator, converts any video to DVD fastest, like AVI to DVD, DivX, XviD, MPEG, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV, etc. Free DVD Maker burns DVD movie losslessly, and create DVD menus. It is the easiest movie maker and DVD burner software.
Free download The best Freeware for making Movie DVD Maker, free DVD creator
How to make Movie DVD by Freeware Movie DVD Maker
Download Link
Size 20.56MB
OS Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/NT

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

how to backup xbox360

What we have to have
1. PC or Laptop
2. DVD-Writer
3. DVD+R DL ( Verbatim / Mitsubishi )
4. Image Files XBOX360
5. Program CloneCD version
6. Program SS Merger 1.5 (For SS Security Sector)

The process

1. 1st you need Image file of XBOX360 which is can Download from
Bit Torrent or Usenext

2. Extract the file extension. RAR and notice for the file as below

IMAGE.000 7.05 GB (7,572,881,408 bytes)
IMAGE.dvd 4.00 KB (4,096 bytes)

Note: some Image files may not the same

Take a look for IMAGE.DVD by using NotePad to open it
IMAGE.000 <<<<<

If you extracted file are like this
obp-rrose.ISO <<<< Image of XBOX360 if directly Burn it won't work dew to Security Sector
ss.bin <<<< Security Sector you have to find MD5 Check Sum

3. To Burn XBOX360 which is already has .dvd

- Open CloneCD

- Select Image file dvd and click Open

- select the speed at 2.4x

click ok to Burn about 43 minutes
Test by open XBOX360 Flash Firmware

4. no .dvd file ,we have to combine with Security Sector
The step

- 1st download program SS Merger 1.5
There will be a List of SS to Merge and search for MD5

- Open SS Merger 1.5 click ISO File and select Image file to merge with SS and then click Detect to search for MD5
it gonna take about 2 - 3 minutes and then the result as shown Required
SS File MD5 and Video Partition ,the program will auto Set and then let us take the result to find in the web ,if have then download file SS.bin

- when finish download ss.bin ,open up SS File

- now ready to Merge
The value of MD5 Check Sum Data must be equal

- Go to File to Merge and wait for minute and then we will have the file ready to Burn as usual

Monday, March 8, 2010

Reveiw Nero 9 Lite

If you are new to computer software and want to download burning CD/DVD free ware for you PC or Laptop ,it is so easy and convenient to search from for the keywords like "Free ware burning download" or download burning CD/DVD for free and etc.,then you gonna see a lot of the good free ware for download and install on your computer,however from my experience I found that Nero 9 Lite is the most easy to download and use and if you are really new to this software I would guide you more detail as below
How to download Nero 9 Lite
1 Go to
2 Enter you are valid Email address on the text line and then click Download bottom to start download the software
3 After download finish ,click the setup.exe to start installing and do follow the installation wizard until finish.
4 Open up the software and then you ready to burn any data and make a copy disk.
To sum up from my test software
The good
1 it easy to download and use and it free of charge
2 support almost every language whereas the other are not
The bed
1 can only burn data disk and make a disk copy
2 it is a really normal form of how to ads for the user to buy the full version by limiting the capabilities of the software and if the user want to have more power they have to buy
So in my point of view ,if you are just want the free burning software just for making a disk copier or data burning then Nero 9 Lite is really good choice and best for beginner user computer.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Recode Video to iPod

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure for recoding a video for iPod® in Nero Recode.
The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
􀂃 You have started Nero Recode.
􀂃 You have stored a video on your PC or you have inserted a DVD into your drive.
􀂃 You have connected the iPod® to your computer.
􀂃 You have installed iTunes® on your computer.
To recode a video, proceed as follows:
1. Select the Recode Main Movie to Nero Digital™Nero Recode task in the start screen.
􀃆 The My Nero Digital™ Movie Backup screen is displayed.
2. Click the Import DVD button.
􀃆 The Find Folder dialog box opens.
3. Select the drive or hard drive folder which has the video in it (e.g. F:\ drive) and click the OK
button. 􀃆 The video is analyzed and imported. The capacity bar at the bottom of the screen displays how large the imported files will be. If the source file is larger than the target medium then the middle section of the DVD-Video Files tab displays how the DVD can be recoded to match the selected profile

4.In the Profile Category drop-down menu, select the Apple iPod entry. A window inform
5. Click an OK bottom

6. Make sure that you select the iPod/iPhone AVC Profile entry in the drop-down menu.
7. Click the Next button to define the burn settings.
􀃆 The Burn Settings screen appears.
8. Select your iPod® in the Target drop-down menu
Click the Burn button to start the recoding process. A window w®®
the iPod.
Check the setting in iTunes® anThe burn process begins. The Recoding
progress bar. The recoding
Decide if you want to save a log file of this proYou have recoded a video for the iPod. The Next button takes you to the What do you
standard value

How to convert an Audio CD to MP3

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure on how to use Nero StartSmart to
copy audio files from an Audio CD to your hard drive in MP3 file format.
The following requirement has to be fulfilled:
 You have started Nero StartSmart.
To convert and save audio files, proceed as follows:
1. Click the Save Tracks menu icon.
 The Rip Audio CD screen is displayed and a dialog box asks you to insert an Audio CD
into a drive.

2. Insert an Audio CD into a drive and click the OK button.

3. In the Source Drive drop-down menu, select the drive in which your Audio CD is located
(e.g. F:\).
 The Audio CD is read and the individual audio files which are located on the Audio CD
are listed
4. In the Output File Format drop-down menu select the MP3 file type.
5. Click the Browse button and select the target directory in which the audio files should be
saved (e.g. the My Music directory).
6. If you do not want select all but only a few individual audio files which are on the Audio CD,
click the Unselect All button.
 The check boxes in front of the audio files are deactivated.
7. Activate the check box in front of the respective audio files that you want to copy (e.g. Track
1, Track 2, and Track 5).
8. Click the Save button.
 The selected audio files are copied and converted into the MP3 file format. A progress
bar in the lower left side of the screen displays the copy progress. A dialog box opens after
the copy process has finished.
9. Click the OK button.
 You have copied audio files from an Audio CD to your hard drive in MP3 format.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to Access SecurDisc Discs with InCD

Accessing SecurDisc Discs with InCD
Access to a SecurDisc disc can be protected with access passwords and/or digital signatures. The windows for entering a password and/or a digital signature are displayed according to the properties of the detected SecurDisc disc. You can enter these conveniently here, after which you can immediately access all data on the SecurDisc disc using Windows Explorer.
Automatic SecurDisc disc detection
The Always show a notification when a SecurDisc disc is inserted check box is selected by default in the SecurDisc - Options window; this means SecurDisc™ automatically sends a notification when a SecurDisc disc is detected in a drive. This way, access takes place almost automatically.
The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
􀂃 You require InCD or InCD Reader.
􀂃 If, during the creation process the special SecurDisc duplication process has been set up so that it can be removed again with a password, then you will need a SecurDisc capable drive (for example from HLDS/LG).
Proceed as follows to access a SecurDisc™ DVD with copy protected PDF files:
1. Insert the SecurDisc disc in your computer's SecurDisc capable drive.
2. Double click the SecurDisc icon .
􀃆 The SecurDisc Drive and disc features window is displayed.

3. In the Drive drop-down menu, select the drive in which you inserted the SecurDisc disc.
􀃆 The name of the inserted disc in the selected drive is displayed in the Disc name field. Also displayed in the Capabilities area are the properties of the selected drive and the disc it contains.
4. If data on the SecurDisc disc is password protected:
1. Click the Enter password button.

The SecurDisc Data Protection window is displayed
2. Enter the required password in the Password text box or insert it using the Copy from clipboard button.
3. Click the OK button.
􀃆 You are returned to the SecurDisc - Drive and disc features window.
5. When the SecurDisc disc is protected by a digital signature:
1. Click the Confirm digital signature button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc- Verify Digital Signature window is displayed.

2. Click the Select public key button.
􀃆 The Open window is displayed.
3. Select the appropriate public key and click the Open button.
􀃆 The Verify Digital Signature window is displayed once more; the name of the selected public key is displayed under Key name.
4. Click the Start button.
􀃆 The digital signature is checked using the selected public key. A progress bar keeps you informed of the processing status. The Close button is displayed once verification is complete.
5. Click the Close button.
􀃆 The files are ready for your access. You are returned to the SecurDisc - Drive and disc features window.
6. To check if the data was manipulated, click the Data Integrity Check button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc Data Integrity Check window is displayed. Checksums are used to determine whether data manipulation has taken place. A progress bar and a growing list of the examined files inform you of the progress of the verification process. The Close button is displayed once verification has completed successfully.

7. When PDF files on the SecurDisc DVD have a removable duplication protection:
1. Click the Allow Duplication button.
􀃆 The Allow Duplication window is displayed.

2. Enter the required password in the appropriate input area or insert it using the Copy from clipboard button.
3. Click the OK button.
􀃆 Duplication protection is removed
􀃎 The SecurDisc - Drive and disc features window is available again. You can now open the SecurDisc disc using, for example, Windows Explorer.

How to Compiling and Burning a SecurDis Data Disc

Nero Express combines all the performance and efficiency of Nero Burning ROM with a simplified user interface and guides you quickly and securely through the process of creating a SecurDisc™ disc. The default settings are selected to automatically produce the best possible result. It couldn't be easier to use: simply select the SecurDisc™ project, add the files, and start burning. There is no difference in the procedure for the creation of data CDs or DVDs.
SecurDis drive
You can only create SecurDisc™ discs using drives that support SecurDisc™ (for example from HLDS/LG) and Nero Express .
Duplication protection for PDF files
Please note that the SecurDisc™ duplication protection feature for PDF files can only be used on DVDs.
SecurDis and Nero Express
Nero Express is available in three different versions: Nero Express, Nero Express Essentials, and Nero Express Essentials SE. Nero Express and Nero Express Essentials offer the full range of features, only Nero Express Essentials SE does not offer a number of features (including the burning of SecurDisc discs).
The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
􀂃 You have a drive that supports SecurDisc.
􀂃 You have installed Nero Express on your computer.
􀂃 You have launched Nero Express .
Proceed as follows to compile and burn a SecurDisc™ data disc:
1. In the start screen of Nero Express , click the menu icon Data.
􀃆 The SecurDisc Data CD and SecurDisc Data DVD options are displayed.

2. Click the desired option - SecurDisc Data CD or SecurDisc™ Data DVD.
􀃆 The Disc Content compilation screen for data CDs/DVDs is displayed. Additional options are offered in the extended area of the compilation screen under SecurDisc Settings.

3. Add the desired files to your compilation.
􀃆 The files are displayed in the compilation screen.

Activating protection feature
You can disable the protection feature for individual files or selectively enable them. Highlight the desired file to display the Unprotect/Protect button. Click the Unprotect/Protect button to enable or disable protection.
4. To protect data on the disc against unauthorized access, select the Protect data by password check box.
􀃆 All files in the compilation are protected as can be seen by a lock symbol.
5. To furnish the disc with a digital signature, select the Digital Signature check box.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Digital Signature window will open.

Using existing keys
If you have already created a digital key, click the Search button and select your key in the SecurDisc – Private Key window.
6. If you want to create a digital key:
1. Click the Start button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Create Digital Key window will open.
2. Read the introduction and click the Next button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Key Creation Process window will open.

3. Move your mouse at random until the creation process is complete in order to generate random data that will help to make the key more secure.
􀃆 A progress bar keeps you informed about the process status. The Next button is displayed as soon as the process is complete.
4. Click the Next button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Key Creation Completed window will open.
5. Enter a file name for the key you have created and click the Finish button.
􀃆 The SecurDisc – Digital Signature combo box will open again and the selected key will be displayed in the combo box.
7. Click the OK button.
􀃆 The information window will open to inform you that the disc is being digitally signed with the selected key.
Public key
You can pass on the relevant public key to recipients to enable them to verify the signature.
8. Click the OK button.
9. To protect the PDF files on the SecurDisc DVD against unauthorized duplication, select the Copy Protection check box.
􀃆 All PDF files are copy-protected. The check box Disable Copy Protection by Password appears.
Password wizard
A wizard offers suggestions by means of an additional dialog box when entering and selecting the password. It already estimates the security level, i.e. the quality of the password, during entry.
10. If you want to permit duplication of the copy-protected data after entering a password:
1. Select the Disable Copy Protection by Password check box.
􀃆 The Allow Duplication by Password window will open.
2. Enter the desired password in the Password area.
3. Confirm the password in the password confirmation text box and click the OK button.
11. Put a recordable disc that supports SecurDisc™ into the drive and click the Next button.
􀃆 The Protect Data window will open.

12. Enter the desired password in the Password area.
13. Confirm the password in the Password confirmation text box and click the OK button.
􀃆 The Final Burn Settings window is displayed.
Monitor process status
You can follow the process status in the status bar. As soon as the burn process has finished, the Nero Express dialog box will open and show you the message about the result of the burn process.
14. Make the desired settings and click the Burn button.
􀃆 The Burning Process screen is displayed and the burn process starts.
15. Click the OK button.
16. If you would like to print or save a log of the burn process, click either the Print or Save button.
17. Click the Next button.
􀃎 You have created a SecurDisc data disc and can now continue by selecting another option from the final screen or by exiting Nero Express.