Monday, March 8, 2010

Reveiw Nero 9 Lite

If you are new to computer software and want to download burning CD/DVD free ware for you PC or Laptop ,it is so easy and convenient to search from for the keywords like "Free ware burning download" or download burning CD/DVD for free and etc.,then you gonna see a lot of the good free ware for download and install on your computer,however from my experience I found that Nero 9 Lite is the most easy to download and use and if you are really new to this software I would guide you more detail as below
How to download Nero 9 Lite
1 Go to
2 Enter you are valid Email address on the text line and then click Download bottom to start download the software
3 After download finish ,click the setup.exe to start installing and do follow the installation wizard until finish.
4 Open up the software and then you ready to burn any data and make a copy disk.
To sum up from my test software
The good
1 it easy to download and use and it free of charge
2 support almost every language whereas the other are not
The bed
1 can only burn data disk and make a disk copy
2 it is a really normal form of how to ads for the user to buy the full version by limiting the capabilities of the software and if the user want to have more power they have to buy
So in my point of view ,if you are just want the free burning software just for making a disk copier or data burning then Nero 9 Lite is really good choice and best for beginner user computer.