Wednesday, June 2, 2010

how to backup xbox360

What we have to have
1. PC or Laptop
2. DVD-Writer
3. DVD+R DL ( Verbatim / Mitsubishi )
4. Image Files XBOX360
5. Program CloneCD version
6. Program SS Merger 1.5 (For SS Security Sector)

The process

1. 1st you need Image file of XBOX360 which is can Download from
Bit Torrent or Usenext

2. Extract the file extension. RAR and notice for the file as below

IMAGE.000 7.05 GB (7,572,881,408 bytes)
IMAGE.dvd 4.00 KB (4,096 bytes)

Note: some Image files may not the same

Take a look for IMAGE.DVD by using NotePad to open it
IMAGE.000 <<<<<

If you extracted file are like this
obp-rrose.ISO <<<< Image of XBOX360 if directly Burn it won't work dew to Security Sector
ss.bin <<<< Security Sector you have to find MD5 Check Sum

3. To Burn XBOX360 which is already has .dvd

- Open CloneCD

- Select Image file dvd and click Open

- select the speed at 2.4x

click ok to Burn about 43 minutes
Test by open XBOX360 Flash Firmware

4. no .dvd file ,we have to combine with Security Sector
The step

- 1st download program SS Merger 1.5
There will be a List of SS to Merge and search for MD5

- Open SS Merger 1.5 click ISO File and select Image file to merge with SS and then click Detect to search for MD5
it gonna take about 2 - 3 minutes and then the result as shown Required
SS File MD5 and Video Partition ,the program will auto Set and then let us take the result to find in the web ,if have then download file SS.bin

- when finish download ss.bin ,open up SS File

- now ready to Merge
The value of MD5 Check Sum Data must be equal

- Go to File to Merge and wait for minute and then we will have the file ready to Burn as usual