Monday, August 30, 2010

How to make MP4 Disk

MP4 is like MP3,but along with animation similar to video file ,however its smaller size.MP4 can play back on MP4 player or even on MP3 some cases.
How to make MP4 by Nero StartSmart
1 Put one blank disk in your drive
2 Click on icon Burn Audio
3 Click on "Nero Digital (TM)+(NDA+) Jukebox Disc"
4 Click "Add" to add the file and folder
5 Select the MP4 file which is we want to burn
6 Click on "Add" to add the file into the process
7 after adding MP4 files finish then click cancel
8 There will be MP4 file shown up on the Nero express
9 Enter the disk name (option)
10 Click "Burn" to begin the job
11 Wait till 100% complete
12 Disk will be ejected out
13 Check your out put by playing back on MP4 Player or on PC.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to burn UDF with Nero burning rom

If you want to burn a data DVD with a file that is 2 GB in size or larger you have to use the DVD (UDF) format and not the default DVD (ISO) which is regularly used for creating a data DVD in Nero Burning ROM.

During the process You will get a message telling you that you have to use a different specification setting : “The file “” is larger than 2GB and therefore cannot be store in an ISO file system. Please use the UDF file system to write such large files. This have to do by selecting another compilation type.”. And this is because the ISO 9660 specification doesn’t allow to write files that are larger than 2 GB.
To burn data file more than 2 GB at once you have to use “DVD-ROM (UDF)”. The following steps will guide you to do this:

1. click and lunch Nero StartSmart (Nero icon)
2. on the left side of the window you will click on small arrow and click Nero Burning ROM to open up
3. Take a look at the left of the new window, scroll down and click on DVD-ROM (UDF) –
4. click on NEW

From this point you just follow the regularly steps in burning you DVD.
Now you can see, that annoying message disappear and we can drag & drop files into burning section, larger than 2GB.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to make Audio CD or DVD

By using Nero StartSmart users can easily create favorite Audio CD or DVD for personal listening at home or in a car.
A step to do so.
1 open Nero StartSmart and insert CD/DVD disk into the drive
2 On the left panel menu click Burn Audio CD
3 Click Add to browse for your song on the computer
4 Add the song which is you want to burn.
5 Click close when you have already add the songs
6 will be back on the same previous window
7 Check for the song name in the list and look for the total disk space available if green it mean not over the content of the CD/DVD disk
8 Name the CD /DVD disk or leave it as default
9 When ready click Burn to begin your work
10 wait for 100% complete and the disk will be ejected
11 test your Audio CD/DVD by play back on Audio CD/DVD player or on your computer

How to write data disc with Nero StartSmart

StartSmart is the center command and links to access to others function and applications of Nero like Nero burning Rom,Nero express ,Nero vision for instance.
To write the data disc is a safe way and easy way for computer user to do in order to have a another one of data to copy ,back up or reuse in the case of virus computer ,window conflict ,clash ,out of order or stolen.
Before writing any data disc ,place check
1 Disc Drive should be CD-RW Drive or DVD-RW Drive
2 Cd or DVD Disc
3 Data files on your computer
4 Application for write data disc Nero any versions
5 Close others application before writing data disc because during the witting process the computer need a speed to pass the the data files into the disk ,so if any application open and clash will cause your writing problem and cannot open the disk later
When every tings is ready now begin our work
the step
1 insert CD/DVD disk into the drive
2 Open up Nero StartSmart
3 click on Data burning

4 click Add to add your data file either a file name or folder and the capacity should not more then the content of the disk CD-disk is about 700 MB. and DVD disk is about 4.7 GB.
5 back to the display of Nero will be a list of the file or folders which are we have selected .Check for correction or remove if you want
6 Take a look for the capacity of the disk if the green is OK not exceed ,but Red is exceed so we have to remove some file of folder off till it became green.
10 Name the disk if you want or just leave as default value
11 Click Burn to begin the writing process
12 Writing process ,wait for the data disk to finish 100%
13 When 100% burning finish the disc will be automatically eject out and message box show data burning complete

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to open Nero burning Rom and Nero Express

On Nero StartSmart user can access Nero burning Rom and Nero Express by doing like this.
1 Notice on the lower left of the StartSmart will be a small arrow close to Nero icon just click on the small arrow to open up the items

2 select Nero burning Rom or Nero Express
3 You will get the Nero burning Rom or Nero Express open up ready for your work
Tip some persons may confuse with Nero burning Rom and Nero Express are the same or not.Actually both Nero burning Rom and Nero Express are the same ,but different on its skin.Some may used to Nero burning Rom than Nero Express,however both of them are the same and can do the work for us as well.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to rip audio cd by Nero Express

Another way of ripping Audio CD to your hard disk computer is by using Nero express.
The steps
1 From StartSmart click tiny icon lower left and select Nero Express

2 Click small arrow to expand the menu command
3 on the command links menu click "Save Audio track" (we have to insert the CD song into the C/DVD drive already)

4 Just follow the instruction of the process till done (similar to Nero burning Rom Ripping)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to rip audio song with Nero Burning Rom

Nero Burning Rom Window is not only for CD/DVD burning disk but also audio ripping as well.To rip audio song with Nero Burning Rom just follow this steps.
1 put a CD/DVD songs into your drive
2 From Nero StartSmart click icon on the bottom left and select Nero Burning Rom

3 New compilation opened ,just click to close it
4 click Extra and select "Save Audio track"

5 There will be message say "The Cd disk in not in the database" ,just click No to close it
6 Type The artist name ,album title ,year and genre and then click submit

7 will be back to the previous windows if you want to listen to the song just click play icon
8 select and deselect the songs which is you want to rip or copy can be song by song or all songs
9 click output Tab
10 Tell the folder where to keep the songs ,the format of the file (mp3)
11 Then the last step click copy to begin the process

11 wait till finish
12 Go to your folder to check for your result

Friday, August 13, 2010

How to rip audio cd song with Nero 9.0

Sometime you may want to copy A CD/DVD songs from your disk onto PC or Laptop in order to listen to later or for burn for MP3 format ,however we can not make a simple copy and paste directly between CD/DVD drive to PC or Laptop because you will get only a shortcut to the songs not really a song file ,however if you still really want those songs on your PC or Laptop here is the guide to do so . Actually there are a fews means of doing so which is we call Audio CD Ripping. By using these program media player,Winamp and Nero
For today tips I would recommend Audio ripping by using Nero 9.0 dew to its really simple and reliable of the software
The steps

1 insert the CD/DVD song into your drive
2 open Nero StartSmart
3 on the menu icon (Left side) click on Audio Ripping
4 wait for songs scanning and detect
5 select folder where to keep the songs that we going to rip or copy and don't forget to select the output format as mp3

6 select all of the songs or just some songs and then click Rip to begin
7 Wait till 100% finish and go to you folder and check for your result