Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to create virtual drive by Nero ImageDrive

How to create virtual drive by Nero ImageDrive

When we get Image whether making by ourself or downloading from somewhere before burning into CD or DVD disk we should check the file whether good or damage or not .To do so we have to take the file to be a VirtualDrive or ImageDrive. When we play the CD/DVD games disks we have to put the disks into the drive all time,but if we making the virtual drive on our PC/Laptop .We can direct the game to read /play from the virtual drive without to put the CD/DVD disks into the Drives which is give us more benefits such as faster and save the usage of the drive
How to create virtual drive by Nero ImageDrive
1. First of all we have to have an Image on our computer

2. Open Nero ImageDrive if you software version is Nero 7 it is located at Start -> All Program -> Nero 7 -> tools -> Nero ImageDrive

3. If open Nero ImageDrive for the 1st time will be asked for opening of Nero ImageDrive ,click Yes to open the work but if not will go to "Mount Image file with Nero ImageDrive"

4. The message warn that not verify from Microsoft ,click "Continue Anyway"

5. Progressing
6. We have to reboot the PC ,click OK
7. Finish

How to Mount Image file with Nero ImageDrive
why we have to Mount image file because of the Virtual drive which is we making up is similar to the normal CD/DVD drive on our PC/Laptop so ,if we not insert any disks into them then there will be no data to read and run.
8. Open Nero ImageDrive

9. tick at "Mount image at startup" in order to the drive will load the data every time it boots or windows start up and then tick at "Enable drive" we will see the tab of "First drive" come up ,if the program tell us to reboot ,don't reboot ,but click at tab "First drive" (Nero ImageDrive able to make 2 Virtual drives )

10. Click "..." to browse for the image files

11. any files we have in computer ,must have the extension .nrg and .iso only

12. Click OK to finish and reboot
13. After rebooting ,we now check we have one more drive which is Virtual drive that we just have making it up
More Tips

Nero ImageDrive need the .nrg and .iso file only
In the step of "Mount Image file by Nero ImageDrive" we can select the options of "Mount Image at start up" so we don't have to select the image file every time to use ,however dew to that will take more time for windows to load and start up
If we not select that options ,we are still can see the Virtual drive as usual ,but no image file to run ,so we have to select and mount the image file for the drive by ourself every time
To make 2 virtual drives although,we didn't specific to be as "Mount image at startup" however it will cause the slower of windows boot up
Just in case no virtual drive on computer or we already mount the Image file ,but cannot click or run .How to solve the problem we need to go back to the 1st steps in order to restart the process again
we neither add nor delete any data file in the virtual drive.